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The Business Case

Supporting a neurodiversity initiative is not simply a philanthropic gesture; it demonstrates an organisation’s deep understanding of the need to think in a whole new way to scale for success. 


“The most diverse companies are now more likely than ever to outperform less diverse peers on profitability.” McKinsey & Company


Look how diversity initiatives have impacted business performance:

the business case for diversity

Now imagine what neurodiversity could do

“ Working with neurodiverse individuals has increased our productivity, product quality, and innovativeness.” SAP


No other initiative at HPE delivers benefits at so many levels”. Hewlett Packard Enterprise 

Attracting and retaining valuable employees

Employee turnover is expensive; it also makes it increasingly difficult to drive consistent strategic action and business growth. 

Neurodiverse employees are disadvantaged from the get go: by how our neurological difference is framed; by the recruitment process; by lack of acknowledgement and support; by misunderstanding neurodiverse stress signals and behaviour.


Boosting innovation and productivity

Neurodiverse employees have been proven to outthink and outperform heterogeneous spaces. We have excellent creative thinking skills and strong problem-solving and spatial reasoning capabilities, which allows us to see a variety of solutions to a problem.


Increasing workplace EQ

The more psychologically safe the workplace, the greater the wellbeing of ALL of your employees. 

Employees have more of an opportunity to learn from a range of workplace skills. Studies have shown that someone with high inclusiveness was about four times more likely to increase their personal growth compared to someone with low inclusiveness.

Brand Enhancement

Neurodiverse employees bring unique experiences and skillsets to your workplace, helping diversify your outlook on and engagement of your audience.

People are increasingly loyal to companies with value and purpose; besides this being the right thing to do, and the logical next step in your D&I journey,insights and learning resources from Brain Badge for Business are gifted to schools and parents, ensuring that business positively impacts community. 


Under New Zealand law, some neurodiversities are classified as a disability. Brain Badge certification ensures that you are fully compliant with current and future legislation.


Jo Malone

“Dyslexia makes us creative. We’ve
learned how to see around walls, climb
ladders and spot the potential in
something that others don’t. We struggle in some ways but that is a good thing in business. If everything came naturally and easily, we wouldn’t build “business muscle” — that strength you need to succeed.”