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Complex times call for Complex minds

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Brain Badge for business connects business challenges with hidden talent, supporting both business and neurodiverse employees to thrive. 

1 in 10 is the most conservative estimate of how many people in the world are neurodivergent. The more realistic number is  1 in 5


  • How many people do you employ? 

  • How many customers do you have? 

  • How is your organisation thinking about neurodiversity? 

“Diversity of thought is the missing piece of your D&I puzzle. 

Coincidentally, it is also the missing piece in your innovation toolkit.” - Rich Rowley

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What is Neurodiversity?

The term neurodiversity takes into account variations in the human brain regarding learning, mood, attention, sociability, and other mental functions. It doesn't pathologize the conditions - they are not regarded as abnormal or unhealthy -  but as differences to be understood and worked with. 


Neurodiversity is not new, it is part of our evolution, designed to support adaptability and our sustainability as a species. 


By seeing things differently, processing things differently, neurodiverse individuals offer different solutions. 

That’s innovation.

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da Vinci's multi-disciplinary genius, Darwin's intuition, Edison's self-isolation,  Curie's determination, Einstein's non-conformism, Branson's passion, Job's perfectionism, Musk's vision, Thunberg's conviction.

It's not a fluke.
It's Neurodiversity.
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The same innovative thinking is sitting underemployed within your organisation.

 What are you prepared to do about it?