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Brain Badge for business connects business challenges with hidden talent, supporting both business and neurodiverse employees to thrive. 


Brain Badge is a certification awarded to organisations who have gone through a neurodiversity certification programme. It demonstrates that the workplace recognises, welcomes and most importantly, supports neurodiverse employees.


Inspired by the Rainbow Tick, Brain Badge is committed to raising awareness of neurodiversity and enabling corporates to support the neurodiverse employees within their businesses. 


The process:

The certification process evaluates whether a workplace understands, supports and is therefore able to welcome neurodiverse employees. 


Evaluation focuses on: 

  • Recruitment and retention

  • Wellbeing and support

  • Learning and Development

  • HR Policies

  • Key Metrics

An HR programme and learning platform, designed by business for business, that demonstrates the value that organisations place on neurodiversity and as such, recognises, welcomes and most importantly, supports its neurodiverse employees.

We provide: 


  • A robust evaluation with the support and resources to meet certification requirements

  • An implementation guide

  • Insight, advice and resources on policy and risk mitigation

  • Access to support organisations

  • Your Brain Badge 

Keeping your badge involves an ongoing quality improvement process and requires annual review. 


“There's no doubt that all our businesses need to get better educated and improve support of our existing neurodiverse employees; and that we need to be able to attract and accommodate this talent if our businesses are looking to scale and grow in a post-COVID, complex world.

I urge you to join the team. It's a good thing.”

  • Ant Hall; Head of People Experience, Auckland Transport

Supporting a neurodiversity initiative is not simply a philanthropic gesture; it demonstrates an organisation’s deep understanding of the need to think in a whole new way to scale for success.

Extended Impact for good

Investment from businesses contributes to funding and providing free learning resources for Brain Badge for schools and Brain Badge for parents. This model ensures business has a positive impact on community and society.

observatory social impact model

We are partnering with ImpactLab to bring together big data, powerful analytics, and the best scientific evidence to understand the social impact of doing good work.